After I read

"Between the lines"

I got an unshakeable desire

to make a different kind of Employment service for one million people
where each one can show, in one major and some minor forms
what they can in their spare time
practically anonymous



One major form

where you can show what you have decided
for your future
as long as there is space

some minor forms

where you can show what you are doing
or what you have done

1    "Translation in writing"

2    "Translation as whiteboard"

3    "Translation as movie"

4    "A group of five"

5    Ten copies of "One major form"

6    Take it easy, but take it, sooner or later   (Don't sell your old mother)

7    Playlists   You can listen a bit, every day, the rest of your life, for free.



Another purpose
"One major form"

is to create an overview, so somebody easely can find
the first person who will handle or perform a task
from the top of the list



Advertising is the backbone of nearly anything

that goes also for you

nobody will ever find you, in a different kind of Employment service if they don't know it exists
so as soon as you can see into the future, then find a few ways to advertise, which don't cost you a farmhouse or all your spare time, but are convenient for you

When there are one million in "One major form" then you may not advertise anymore, and you may never advertise in any illegal way anywhere at all of course




you can show that you are able to perform

is not without significance, but it is the smallest in a series of equations, so I will not spend too much time on that right now



Security is somewhere in a whole other world

in connection with a different kind of Employment service



Education is alpha and omega for everything

learn what you want to learn

If you can't learn it from others, who understand the stuff, then learn it on your own.



You can get information from many different sources

so it is very important to check that the information you rely on is correct.

The information you provide, wherever you do it, must of course also be correct.




inside a different kind of Employment service

for people there can deliver, almost anything you need, is so easy, that it might as well be a lie, when you know how to hunt.



Before I stop writing I will just say

I wish you and yours a prosperous future

besides everyone else of course