After I have been reading

my first draft for the short story "Between the lines"

I got an unwavering desire

to make a different kind of Employment service, for one million people who will show what they can do, in their spare time.




is a single group on Facebook



The whole idea with a different kind of Employment service

is to make a place

where people can prepare and promote themselves for new opportunities in the future if they want.



Advertising is the backbone of nearly anything

that goes also for you

nobody will ever find you, in a different kind of Employment service if they don't know it exists.



The production, or rather the tasks

you want to show that you are able to perform

is not without significance, but it is the smallest in a series of equations, so I will not spend too much time on that right now



Security is somewhere in a whole different world

in connection with a different kind of Employment service

which are placed on Facebook and My Drive, so anyone can see it if they want, that's the whole idea.



Education is alpha and omega in everything

but don't waste your time with overeducation

learn what you have to learn, if you need to learn anything, and forget the rest. If you can learn anything from others who know the things you want to learn, then do it with pleasure. If you can't learn it from others then learn it on your own.



You can get information from many different sources

so it is very important to check

that the ones you are responding to are correct. When you place any kind of information yourself, wherever you do it, must of course also be correct.




inside a different kind of Employment service

of people there can deliver, or make, almost anything you want, is so easy, that it might as well be a lie, when you know how to hunt.



Before I stop writing I will just say

If you will translate "Between the lines"

From English
into any language it has not been translated into yet

Then take a look in

If you will make it as videos
Then take a look in