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If you have seen About and 80/20 above

then continue below, from the top

One drop at a time

Let the pointer rest a second in the link, to get a hint.

"Between the lines"            In other languages

Employment service


The start could look like this in "Between the lines"

The cooperation in "Between the lines" could look like this for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12 participants

People with timestamps in forms, could end up like this in a different kind of Employment service

Video help for forms will come here, sooner or later.

1            2            3            4          Major forms

Minor forms

Take a look here if you want to make videos with other people or alone.

I have a form for stars where you can show the whole world, and me for that matter, how many you have in your own notebook.

Remember, everyone can see everything without paying a single Chinese yuan.

Anyone can also, at any time, join this group Identifications, for free, on Facebook.

If you do not have a Facebook and Google account, then get it as soon as possible, they are free but invaluable goldmines.