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Check About and 80/20 right above to the left

before you continue below

If you don't think at all
about the future
and if you can't read "Between the lines"
then you might as well stop here!

Let the pointer rest a second in each link, to get a hint

Take it easy,   but take it

"Between the lines"    In writing     In other languages

"Between the lines"    As video       In other languages

The rest will only be available in English

A WorldWide Employment Service


1            2            3            4           Major forms, for a different kind of Employment service

Everyone can see everything without paying a single Chinese yuan
some people can maybe even see that I am a Danish male from the outskirts of Denmark, and that is the naked truth. I live right to the left of nowhere


If you will put a finger in the ground for me

and be my eyes and ears

as an investigator?

Then I have a proposal for you.

And a timesaver for everyone