The first steps to get something new to grow can be difficult


I have made a post on Facebook
"Don't ever underestimate the power of persistence"
it's a post a little down the page

which is easy to share for anyone who wants to do it. If you don't have access to Facebook, then get it as soon as possible, it will not cost a single Chinese yuan but it is an invaluable goldmine. For example, I use Facebook's Messenger as a phone via my computer's internet connection where the entire screen is a window to my wife and children on the other side of the earth, we can entertain each other for an hour at any time without paying a single penny. Once upon a time, where we only had the option of using a regular phone without a screen, we had to pay seven hundred Danish kroner per hour.

I have also made an advertisement, which can be printed, or written with a ballpen, and cut into appropriate pieces before delivery in mailboxes at various places on the globe where it is legal and where it's safe, despite the Coronavirus.