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from the nearly sixty years I have been in the marketplace
and have seen that many things are changed beyond recognition

When I was young, employers were eager to get manpower and would pay just about anything to get it. Those who had the best education got the best jobs and the highest payment of course. That meant everyone could get a job anytime they wanted to

Today, I am not that young anymore and I can see that employees across the globe are struggling to get a job and will work for just about anything to get one. Those who have the best education get the best jobs of course. This means that many can't get a job even if they want one and it also means that many can't live a decent life, even if they get a job

There's nothing strange about that the way I see it, things are constantly changing for one reason or another and it's easier for some to adapt than others

One day, someone will maybe say, quietly, I will not browse through 10,000 applications every time I can use 2 new people who each maybe then will say, see how good I am, I am selected out of 10,000
I will take the first 2 who can and will work on their own and are ready to take on the tasks. How do I do that?

It is with that and "Between the Lines" in mind that I am making a different kind of Employment service, as a part of hemmingsweb

I am writing this with some friendly greetings and I wish you and yours a prosperous future

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