The 80/20 principle

is described in a book I read in 1998

at the beginning of the night

when the temperature had dropped to twenty-two degrees centigrade, (I remember the year as it was yesterday for I turned fifty, in the outskirts of Uganda, and I had it like a fish in the water.) I was tired of swinging my hammer, I was tired regularly after ten to twelve hours of work at that time. I don't remember who wrote the book, but I do remember it was about spending my time at what I am best at. I got a lot of pleasure and a great benefit from that book and I started to use the principle right away. I can barely remember the book anymore, but the principle became a part of my spinal cord, I do not think about that anymore I just use the principle as if I have never done anything else

It basically means that from having spent 20% of my energy for some years, on instructing 80% of those I worked with as an instructor and 80% of my energy on instructing the last 20%, I am now spending 20% of my energy to learn how to instruct 0.0002% of those who want to be instructed, so they can instruct the last 99.9998%. The last 80% of my energy can then be used to make a ball pen every now and then, pick a few berries here and there, smoke a fish, read a book, keep an eye on whether the stars are where they should be, or anything else between heaven and earth if it is not my turn to do the dishwashing

Another time, at the beginning of the night when the temperature had dropped to minus twenty-two degrees centigrade, I read a different book, in front of a stove, to keep me warm, in the middle of nowhere. It was about advertising and new ideas, don't ask who wrote the book for I don't remember that, but I remember the idea, that became another part of my spinal cord

Who gets the new ideas and where do they get them from? If you want to hear my opinion about that, and you can't avoid it when you are here, then I don't believe that it is those who sit with their hands in the lap, waiting for the ideas to come as lightning from a clear sky there gets the best ideas, but those who systematically search for things that can benefit many people all over the globe. When someone has got a good idea, she, or he for that matter, can't doubt that there should be advertised, but how? That can be difficult to see

If someone is advertising, as a beginning, to find other people who can see, that it also would be a good idea for them to advertise, then the start has already kicked off. The person who got the idea will, of course, spend all free time advertising in all possible and impossible ways until it is clear which methods gave the best results in different places on the planet, for the sooner the idea becomes a reality the sooner some will benefit

There will often be 1% who stand out, and out of those, there will be 1% who stand even more out because all of them can see something before the last 99%